Engagements | Stormy & Brian | Sanger, TX

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 Stormy & Brian's Engagements

OH MY GOODNESS. This couple is full of love and energy. Stormy and Brian have been engaged for about a year and a half. They meet at through a mutual friend at a small backyard shindig and then he took her on a date the next day and we've been inseparable since. How cute is that? When Brain proposed, Stormy told me, "I threw him a surprise birthday party and invited friends and family. He knew about he party and proposed right after we sang happy birthday." CRAZY?! Like straight out of a romance movie.  During their engagement session we walked around my secret tree-covered dirt road and this gorgeous sun drenched field in Sanger, Texas. It was prefect for this country couple. Boots, jeans, and cute dress is my kind of style! They also brought along their dog, Frisco. This black lab has been with Brian for over 10 years. He is a huge part of Brian's life and had to be included in the engagement pictures. He stayed right by Stormy's and Brian's side the entire session. Two months ago, Frisco was diagnoses with cancer and given two weeks to live. He is such a strong fighter! Since new medicine, he is happier then ever and full of spirit. I hope to see him at their wedding in September at their beautiful home in Callisburg, Texas. 





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