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September 16, 2019  •  2 Comments

Allison & Steven 


What a trip!! We recently went to Grand Rapids, Michigan. GR as the locals call it. We arrived Friday evening in a wonderful 60 degree brisk weather. Stepped off the plane and drove straight to Allison's and Steven’s home to prepare for a 6-hour road trip the following day. We were going to Leland, Michigan, aka Fish Town then to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Leelanau, Michigan. If you haven’t been to either place; see below. Lake Leland has crystal blue waters filled with boats and fish. We walked around Fish Town to get some great shots among fishing boats. Steven is an avid fisherman. He basically carries his tackle box 24/7. He even went on a 2-week fishing trip where he hiked the Montana Mountains, fished in the local rivers, then cooked what he caught. He loves it so Lake Leland was the perfect fit. We were photographing on the pier, when we heard, “HEY! Y’all wanna take pictures on the boat?” We turn around, this “boat” is a yacht. A YACHT. I looked at Allison and Steven in amazement. Heck yes we are doing this!! Turns out, this yacht was a local car dealership owner named Todd Westel. A few drinks later, we’re basically BFF’s now. He was such a gracious host. We are so thankful he gave us the opportunity to snap a few shots on his boys gate-a-way weekend. We left the yacht (regretfully) and headed to Sleeping Bear Dunes. We climbed to the very top to see another a bright blue lake. The wind in Allison’s hair was wonderful. It blew oh so perfect. AND she got that gorgeous yellow dress for $2. Talk about a bargain hunter!! Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave. To be outside with bright blue skies and clean white sand was such a refresher form this Texas heat. We headed home, stop in for some burgers and beer. We talked about their up and coming wedding in Glacier National Park in Montana's Rocky Mountains. I CAN’T WAIT Y’ALL. This adventurous couple are my kind of people. Willing to do what it takes to get the images they want. OH. The entire trip Allison wanted a Sunflower field. The ones we found on Saturday were past their prime. On Sunday, we found perfection. Keep searching and working towards what you want and you shall receive. Congratulations Allison & Steven. I’m honored to be your wedding photographer! 


Fish Town in Leland, Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Leelanau, Michigan

Gorby Sunflowers in Allegan, Michigan







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Thank you Amanda Austin!!! We loved it. It was a great trip!
Amanda Austin(non-registered)
Wow! Those are amazing!!!
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