Engaged | Amy & Terrick | Central Park in Lewisville Texas

February 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Amy & Terrick's Engagement Session

Amy & Terrick are set to be married in March 2018. They have been together for 7+ years y’all! Imagine this, you’re sitting in the stands at a college basketball game. You see this cute guy about 3 rows away. You’re staring. You lock eyes then quickly look away. This “crap he caught me” feeling sinks in. You turn to your friends and giggle about it but you’re here to watch the game and chat with your friends. Later that night, you end up a house party. HE IS THERE. What are the chances?! He starts to walk toward you, your heart is racing, you smile, he smiles. “Hi, I’m Terrick. I saw you at the basketball game but was too nervous to ask you for your number.”  The rest is history! They’ve been inseparable ever sinse. In fact, they adopted a dog together. His name is Lebron. These engagement photos were taken in January at Central Park in Lewisville, Texas. They walk Lebron there all the time so it’s park that is close to their hearts. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a just a few weeks! Congratulations Amy & Terrick. See ya soon!!







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