ANM Photography | Seniors | Tori & Megan | University of North Texas

Seniors | Tori & Megan | University of North Texas

April 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Seniors! Come at me bro! Our kids still saying that these days? I'm not sure but I still like it. Tori and Megan are now graduated from the University of North Texas. Both girls graduated with high GPAs within the criminal justice department.  They became best friends while studying the law. Better not mess with them. 💪🏼  We walked around the UNT campus for over two hours. It was so much fun going to different locations, changing outfits, and playing with different lighting scenarios. The session carried on into the dark so luckily we had some awesome parents help us hold extra lighting. My favorites are the "playing in the fountain" photos while wearing little black dresses.  So many heart eyes. 😍😍😍  I know these girls will be absolutely successful with in their careers. Congratulations Tori and Megan you guys are absolutely amazing! Enjoy. 





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