The Guest Book

Ever wondered how you want to remember your wedding guests? Wedding days are full of excitement and everyone wants the bride and groom attention.  Will it be possible to speak with every single guest invited?  That’s where a guest book comes in handy. The guest book is a common tradition at weddings to help keep track of friends and family who attended the wedding. Typically, the guests sign their name on a dotted line, and that's it. It's simple, but not meaningful. This guest book allows each wedding attendee to write a love note to the bride and groom. It's filled with images from the couples engagement session and asks sweet questions such as, "What do you see for us in the next 10 years?." Best of all, the couple can take the book home and keep it for years to come. Plus it's included with every wedding collection. My guest book from my own wedding is kept on my coffee table at home. We look at it during commercial breaks. =) It’s a great connection with friends and family who supported us on the happiest day of our lives. Happy Wedding planning! Enjoy the book.